Fabian Black ~ Winter Pink Skies


Lee Carr - Floral Artist


Tony St.Ives - Master Jeweller

It's a fine July Saturday morning and Lee and Tony are at loggerheads. At breakfast time Tony, Master Jeweller as well as master of hearth and home, makes clear his stance  on a particular topic, using a wooden hairbrush to underline it. Lee is not suited and feels he's been unfairly disciplined.

His day is thrown into further turmoil when an ex-lover phones an order into his florist shop. He begins to wonder if he's still in love with Adrian, a man he hasn't seen or heard from in seven years, and if so what does that mean with regard to Tony? Has he fallen out of love with him, he can't deny that he's been feeling less than enamoured of him lately?  What is love anyway and can it be defined?

Winter Pink Skies tells the story of one day, as seen through the eyes of both Lee and Tony, who each give their personal views.

For Tony the day is complicated further still by the antics of his ward, bad boy Darren.


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