I’m an independent author of gay D/s stories - fiction at the lighter end of the BDSM spectrum. They feature elements of control, domination and submission, but within a domestic setting rather than a classic ‘dungeon’ setting. The interaction between Dom and sub and the potential for discipline provide the erotic undercurrent to my stories, which also tend to have a strong emotional core interlaced with lots of humour.

For the record I'm a female author. I'm a keen advocate of GLBT rights and gay marriage.

I'm a member of E.A.A. Erotic Authors Association

I also write under the name of Tarn Swan and have authored fiction under the name of Cat - especially the irreverent Jack and Danny Chronicles, a blend of comedy and spanking known as ‘Bratfic.’

Please note I'm a British writer and therefore write my stories using U.K. English and grammar, not U.S. so please check the default settings on your chosen reading device. :)

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