Fabian Black ~ Out of Tune

Author note

Gordon and Nat are favourite characters of mine, though that said I do tend to get rather attached to all my characters, which might not be a good thing. ;-)

Out of Tune is actually a prequel. When I first began writing about Gordon and Nat it was at a much later stage in their lives.

I wanted to give a fuller picture of things hinted at in the original stories and fill in their history. I hope to eventually bring to print the stories that inspired this prequel.

In the later stories Gordon and Nat run an establishment called Hope House - a home and caring refuge for social misfits.




Domestic discipline stories featuring Gordon Trapp and Nathaniel Andrews.


Psychiatrist Gordon Trapp does the unthinkable and falls in love with a patient, bad enough in itself, but made worse because the patient in question is another man, Nathaniel Andrews.

Gordon makes the decision to leave his NHS post and set up in private practice so as to be with Nat.

Before their relationship is able to get properly underway he has to go abroad for a while.

He returns from his trip just before Christmas, but Nat seems less than pleased to see him.

Has his romance with Nat died in the bud? Not if Gordon has anything to do with it. He decides it's time  to take the recalcitrant Nathaniel Andrews firmly in hand. 
‘Out of Tune’ contains two delightful stories about Nat and Gordon, both set at consecutive Christmases.

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