The Jitters: Luke and Trevor Stories



The Jitters

Romantic Comedy 

Two delightful short stories:

Cat Flap and The Jitters brought together in one sweet and dinky little edition.


 Smashwords Edition

Cat Flap

Luke feels neglected when boyfriend Trev gives more of his time to work matters than to him. He comes up with a novel way of getting Trevor's attention.

 The Jitters


Trevor and Luke should be happy. They've just set up house properly together, shared mortgage, shared cat and shared life. However, all is not as it should be. There are tensions on the newly set up home front.

Trev is irritable with Luke and also having problems in the downstairs department, he just can’t seem to get it up.

Luke's propensity to meddle has dire consequences beginning with a spilled mug of coffee. 

Trev’s reaction to the domestic drama seems to confirm Luke's suspicion that the one he loves no longer loves him.