Gay Romance Series ~ Postcards From A Seaside Village


 A series of stories featuring David Jordan and his temperamental partner Linval Larkin, set in a picturesque English seaside village. Scroll down for details about each book in the series so far.

The first postcard in the series is

'Fresh from the Sea'

David Jordan and Linval Larkin live in a house called Sandstones, formerly a seventeenth century smugglers inn, from which they run The Transit of Venus, the smallest seafood restaurant in England. They also take paying guests for bed and breakfast from time to time.

Lin might be in charge in the kitchen, but it's David who yields ultimate power in the relationship. David's main concern is to protect Lin, as much from himself as anything else, and the relationship they share.

In this first story Lin is having a stressful day. He encounters prophetic bees, a mysterious sea mist, an irksome guest and an irate partner.

Worse - when the main ingredient for several of his planned and advertised dishes turns against him, he becomes distraught because it looks like the restaurant will have to remain closed. He fears being dishonoured as a chef.

Click here to read an Excerpt from Fresh From The Sea  

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Storm In A Teacup

The second postcard in the series

Lin starts brewing up a storm after a visitor to Sandstones lets slip some unwelcome news. David is unhappy with the turn of events and takes action when Lin refuses to keep things in proportion. Tensions mount between them. David makes clear he won't tolerate being manipulated

The weather does nothing to help matters as the heat rises culminating in a ferocious storm that endangers the lives of both men.

Read an excerpt from Storm in a Teacup here

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Red Sky By Morning 

The third postcard in the series

It's a new dawn and a new day, but Linval Larkin is far from feeling fine. His mind is too busy chasing anxiety to take pleasure in the beautiful red-streaked skies of early morning. Resentment is also part of the equation. Thanks to his partner David his chance to reclaim fame has been and gone.

However, there might be small compensation to be had if only he can persuade David to grant permission for his beloved restaurant 'The Transit of Venus' to reopen. In his opinion it's time for prior transgressions to be forgotten and moved on from, but will David agree?

David takes no pleasure in seeing Lin angry and miserable, but he'll weather it for Lin's own sake and for the sake of their relationship of which he is guardian.

Red Sky by Morning is the third story in the 'Postcards From A Seaside Village' series.


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 Author Notes


Stanes, the village in which the story is set is based on a real place, but with much poetic licence.  Lin and David are also based in reality, but again with a great deal of fictional addition. Many years ago I stayed in a B & B by the seaside. It was run by a gay couple who I suspect had a D/s aspect to their relationship (or maybe that was wishful thinking on my part;) They stayed in my mind and provided the inspirational starting point for Lin and David.  


I hope some of you will enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.


In the Postcards stories I use hints  of Yorkshire/Lancashire dialect to help give a sense of place. Some of the words might be unfamiliar to people so I've decided to put up a little glossary for those interested and perhaps a bit puzzled.

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Beautiful Cover Art for the series is by Justin James of Dare Empire 

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