Fabian Black: Under a Falling Star


A  romantic little stocking filler story for Christmas


Can a chance encounter in a department store lead to something special for two men, Tay and Julian?




Tay always tells people we met at Christmastime under a falling star. He has a romantic nature, and there’s no harm in that. I like his romantic nature. I suppose in essence we did indeed meet under a falling star at Christmastime, but it was not, as implied, a heavenly star streaking across a winter sky. It was a heavy ornament that sat atop a huge department store Christmas tree.

As well as being a romantic, Tay is as curious as a cat. He simply cannot resist investigating. The department store tree caught his attention as he wandered around choosing seasonal gifts. Was it or was it not a real tree? He decided it was real and attempted to snap off a needle in order to release and enjoy the clean spicy scent of pine resin.

Alas he was mistaken in his assumption. The tree was not real. It was a faux tree and his efforts to twist off a plastic needle unbalanced it from its holdings. It began to shiver and shake, tremble and flounder, shedding baubles, lights and tinsel and finally the glittering five-pointed star at its pinnacle. Shoppers scattered with squeals and shouts of alarm, but not Tay. He stood there frozen and wide-eyed as the star plummeted earthwards.

This story is also included in the 'Gay Briefs' anthology