The Corridor and other stories

A set of D/s romance stories featuring three different couples. 

D/s lifestyles are not always easy. Sometimes you just want to do what you want to do and damn the rules, especially at times of stress and unhappiness. 

In the first story, Phin finds life difficult to deal with when his partner Adam refuses to excuse his actions or bend the rules in his favour. Personal tragedy then further strains things between them, leading Adam to ponder whether discipline is an appropriate course of action.
The Title story ‘The Corridor’ is a powerful story detailing one man's psychological need for discipline.  Mark has a personality that often leads him to make decisions that aren’t always wise or healthy. He and his partner Gary have an agreed way of dealing with things which affect Mark’s well being. 

In the final story a cat named Pride narrates a comic tale of jealous rivalry in the hairdressing world. Pride’s wry observations give the reader a hilarious insight into the relationship of his owners, Russell and Liam. This story guarantees you finish the book with a smile on your face. 
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