Fabian Black: Snapshots ~ a short story



A random act of violence against a proud elderly man triggers a family tragedy that resonates down the years. Eoin decides it's time to bring closure once and for all when his partner Robert again succumbs to guilt and grief.


Please note this story contains reference to self-harm. It also makes reference to a gay relationship and discipline practices. If you’re looking for erotica or sweet and fluffy romance then this probably isn’t it. It’s an odd, but rather beautiful  little story that doesn’t fit comfortably into any one genre.


Placing the photographs back into the red cash box, Eoin locked it, slipping the key into his trouser pocket. Removing his jacket he draped it gently around the shoulders of the recumbent figure at the kitchen table. It was bad. He could tell by the way Rob’s arm was folded beneath him. Blood had soaked up into the fabric of his shirt and even in sleep the slight figure was trembling with shock. He stroked the cold, white face.

“Wake up, Rob, come on, wake up.”

“Hurts, it hurts, Eoin.” Rob’s eyes flickered open.

Eoin knew Rob wasn’t referring only to the pain of his cuts. “It’s going to be all right, my love, we’ll get it sorted. Don’t worry.”

“You weren’t here, Eoin.”

“I know, and we talked long and hard about that.” Eoin helped Rob to his feet, putting an arm around his waist, walking him towards the door. “You assured and promised me you were all right with the fact I had to work away on the anniversary of your father and grandfather’s death. Just as you assured me that you’d disposed of this box and its contents, just as you assured me that you’d call me if things became difficult for you. These are things we’ll address in due course, including why you turned off your mobile and unplugged the telephone to ensure I couldn’t check in with you today.”