Bittersweet Seasons - Short Story Collection

Bittersweet Seasons - anthology of gay romance stories


Bittersweet Seasons contains twelve evocative and unusual gay love stories.

The collection begins and ends with a Christmas tale and the seasons as a theme predominates.

Beautiful, thought provoking love stories to stir your emotions and touch your heart.


Completing the Puzzle

Two men seem fated never to come together as lovers.


Michael's inability to communicate his feelings threatens his relationship with Stuart.

A Spring Legend

A fey and wistful tale about love and acceptance, full of haunting baroque imagery.

The Making of an Atheist

A man struggles to maintain faith in the wake of his partner's death.


A story about love and trust. Can a man find the courage to cross the boundary that separates him from his lover?

Man of Earth

Fantasy romance with subtle Master/slave overtones


A closeted man reflects on what might have been.

The Gift

A lonely, battle weary soldier finds a strange love in the most unexpected of places.

Red Light

A male prostitute ponders his life.

The Jade Talisman

Memories, wisdom and a love that survives almost everything

The Holly Bears a Prickle

Patrick and Connors relationship is tested when Connor suffers a devastating mental breakdown. Will love prevail?

 The Christmas Wreath

It's Christmas Eve and seventeen year old David Delaney has incurred the displeasure of his mentor and guide Patrick Bell by behaving irresponsibly, he did so deliberately, but the question is why?



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