Writing Indie Kink

So why write M/M?


Well, why not? I really don't think that women writing M/M fiction is that big a deal, not anymore, it's nothing out of the ordinary. No one is claiming its meant to be Gay fiction in a pure sense (i.e. writings about gay male experience, written by gay men for gay men) Gender switching authors are nothing new, look at the Bronte’s and George Eliot. Men write under female pseudonyms, women write under male pseudonyms, for various reasons, including marketing. On the whole writers write whatever ticks their box. The reasons why one female author chooses to write M/M will differ to why another chooses to do so. Perhaps one of the underlying motivations is voyeuristic in aspect, a M/M manifestation of the F/F scenes written by many het male authors? I'm not so sure about that; for one thing many lesbians enjoy reading M/M fiction. I think maybe there is an element of voyeurism, but it isn't necessarily sexually motivated, but rather the kind of voyeurism that leads us to look into a lighted window in order to get a glimpse of a world other than our own.  



So why self publish?



Again why not? I prefer to be in control of my own work and anyway I can't take too much rejection, I'm a fragile flower and easily crushed.  ;-)  I decided to become my own publisher last year when I needed a challenge to get me through a difficult period. It’s been hard work, but I’ve enjoyed it.  I've had some of my more mainstream writing published in magazines and I have to say that I found the whole process to be unsatisfactory. Editors imagine they know best, in fact eight times out of ten they don't. They're merely opinionated butchers of other people's babies. They take the lifeblood out of your work and give you back a nicely embalmed corpse. Of course brilliant editors do exist and they can give truly useful and constructive advice without robbing your work of originality and personality, but they're a rarity, at least in my experience, which admittedly is limited and tinged with bitterness. ;-)




There are very few, if any publishing houses that cater for the style of fiction I write. There are lots of publishers that cater for full-blooded M/M erotica. However, I don't write heavy sex scenes, so my work doesn't quite fit in there. I simply don't have the skills, or interest in writing that kind of thing, enjoy reading it, but cannot write it. My fiction is much more emotional than physical. The communities that cater for spanking romance fiction tend to be almost solely dominated (no pun) by M/f scenarios and they don't want anything to do with M/M spanking fiction. So far only one respected publisher of spanking erotica has even agreed to carry a link to my pages (thank you pink flamingo publications) Bethany's woodshed won't even deign to reply to my requests to exchange links, nor do many, many others. No matter, I actually think my brand of spanking fiction is vastly superior to much of the M/f stuff that's on the market, so it's their loss not mine. ;-)



I know that my stories are enjoyed (despite the odd grammatical glitch or overlong sentence) and I get a BIG kick out of that. I’ve been writing online fiction for almost eight years now and have had fan mail from all over the world. A love of  M/M discipline romance is universal it seems. :-)

My main pen name is Fabian Black, but I have used other names such as Gumbie Tales, Nowell Cowardice, Mystic Mog, Skoda, Cat and Tarn Swan, the latter two being probably the best known. I enjoy reinventing myself as different characters. The name Fabian Black is a combination of real and made up plus a typo - I did intend to be Fabia, but when nervously self-publishing my first book I typed Fabian into the name field and didn't notice until after the process was complete. I liked it and stuck with it. It might be considered a Freudian slip, as I would have much preferred to be a boy!