Excerpts ~ Storm In A Teacup

“I'm so sorry, Lydia." David spoke hastily into the phone, the hairs on the back of his neck rising as a screech reverberated around Sandstones, making its ancient rafters tremble. "I'll have to go. Something has boiled over.” Putting the phone down he headed in the direction of the screech, speeding up as it was followed by a crash and a cacophony of cursing.

Thrusting open the door of The Venus he strode into the room. "What are you playing at, Lin, what's all the shouting and swearing in aid of?"

“They dropped it.” Lin, his face red with rage, shook the front cover of Finest Food magazine. The rest of the publication lay scattered around the floor along with the other papers delivered that morning. The Financial Times lay amidst the ruins of a china candlestick, which had once stood on the stately mantelpiece. Its partner was now a widow.

"Dropped what, the candlestick?" He glared at Lin.

“I'm not on about candlesticks. Those treacherous bastards dumped my article about barbecuing fish to give more space to this posturing food pimp!” He ripped Kenny’s smiling face to confetti, hurling it into the air. "It was supposed to be in this issue, a special feature, only it doesn't fucking feature at all!"

“Stop shouting and sit down.” David manoeuvred Lin onto a dining chair only to have him bounce back up like a jack in the box.

“Twat! The backstabbing twat! I bet he’s right up the arse of the editor, whatsisname?” Lin dived for the remnants of the magazine, crawling about the floor, hurling pages hither and thither looking for the one revealing who was who on the staff. “You know who I mean. That poncy Gucci suit wearing creep from Cambridge with eyes like a killer shark. I always suspected him and Kenny of being shit stabbing bum chums.”

“Stop the hysteria and the foul language. Sit down and listen to me.”

“I need to find the name of the editor. I’m going to email and give him a piece of my mind for letting Kenny persuade him to dump me.” Sweat tickled down Lin’s back, making his t-shirt cling. “There it is.” He pounced on a page anchored under the heel of David’s shoe and tugged, giving a bellow of temper when it tore. "Now look what you made me do! It's fucking torn now."

"Up, get up," leaning down David grasped Lin's arm, hauling him to his feet, giving him a little shake. "Stop screeching, stop swearing, be quiet and LISTEN. Marcus Hamilton is no longer editor of Finest Food. He moved on months ago. The latest editor is Sara Teal a happily married mother of four. I doubt she’d appreciate having you hurl accusations about her and Kenny Steen. I don’t think Kenny would be over thrilled either.”

“I wouldn't put anything past Kenny. He'd muff dive if he thought it would up his ratings and further his career.” He clutched at David's hand, his eyes feverishly bright. "You’ve still got interests in the group that publishes Finest Food, you could call her and demand to know why she dropped my article. Make her apologise.”

“No, Lin, I couldn’t. You know I don’t have any influence on editorial policy." Curving his hand he caressed Lin's hot flushed face. "Try and keep this in proportion, love. It could be your article didn’t fit the final format of this months issue and is being held over for a later issue. You'll still get paid for it.”

"The money isn't important." Crumpling the torn page Lin dropped it on the floor. "You don’t care I’ve been stuffed yet again by Kenny." Anger made him reckless. "You always did fancy blonde tarts like him. You must be thrilled to see his bleached highlights and smarmy face leering from every television set and magazine cover. I bet you can’t wait for the start of his new series. It’ll be real wank off stuff. Let's hope he makes cakes, you'll be able to cream along with him. You should have stuck to dating him instead of a fucking loser like me."

"Enough," David's brows pulled together. "That's enough, Lin." He gestured at the floor. "Get this mess tidied up. We'll discuss this properly when you more in control and able to talk rather than shout."

"Lucy will be here soon." Lin pushed his specs up his sweat-moistened nose then sulkily smoothed his t-shirt. "She can clean it up."

“Lucy,” said David sharply, “is not employed to clear up after your tantrums. Pick the papers up and make sure they're put back into a readable sequence. Come into the kitchen when you're done and make sure you're in more civil temper or I'll put you over my knee and wallop your backside.” He walked out of the room.

Taking off his glasses Lin dropped them on the table, overcoming an urge to slam his fist down on them.


Lin was standing by the window, the sun blazing through the glass, bathing him in a nimbus of opulent light. He had a hand up to his face stroking the stubbled beard on his chin between thumb and forefinger. It was a sign David knew well, indicating fretfulness.

“I've made lunch, prawn salad sandwiches,” he set the glasses of water and plate of sandwiches on the bedside cabinet.

"Bully for you. You'll be boiling eggs next." Lin didn’t bother to turn around.

Arranging the pillows on the bed David sat against them. “Come on, baby," he spoke gently, "sit with me, eat something.”

"I'm not hungry. I had a good breakfast. Unlike you I don't feel the need to eat to the rhythm of the clock."

"Fair enough." David picked up a sandwich and bit into it. As he ate he studied Lin's form, admiring the sexy shorts he was wearing. The Lycra material moulded his trim body, emphasising his toned thighs and his sweet little bum, he really did have the most adorable bottom. He put the remains of his sandwich back on the plate so he could adjust the crotch of his own shorts to accommodate the swelling suddenly occurring there. An appetite for sex replaced his appetite for food. “Come here, Lin." He patted the mattress. "No more sulks. What's done is done. Come and have a cuddle.”

"I don't want a cuddle, not from you. You've ruined my day." Lin kept his eyes fixed on the view through the glass, even though the blinding light was making them ache.

David took a long drink of iced water hoping it would cool his ardour, but it didn't. The flame of desire burned hotter. Getting up he crossed to the window. "Your hair needs a trim or at least thinning out." He used a forefinger to push gold strands away from Lin's eyes.
“Don’t.” Lin jerked his head away from the caress.

Undeterred David stroked his hair again. "You’re upset and I’m sorry.”

"Sorry enough to change your mind about The Venus opening tonight?"

"My decision stands." David moved his right hand from Lin's hair, sliding it down the silken ridge of his spine to rest on his buttocks. He brought his left hand round to join it. Brushing his lips against Lin’s ear, he murmured, “let's look at the positive aspect. We’ve got the day all for ourselves. Let me make you feel better. I want you.”

“I’m not in the mood for sex.”

“You’re always in the mood for sex.”

“Not this time.”

“I’ll work on it, persuade you towards a different mindset.” David touched his lips lightly to Lin’s mouth, pulling him closer to his body as he did so.

 copyright Fabian Black 2011