Excerpt ~ Red Sky by Morning

David tut-tutted, as the only reply his call of greeting received was the sound of heavy footsteps on stairs. The run hadn't improved Lin's mood any.

Finishing the email he was composing he sent it, logged off the computer and went upstairs.

Lin was in the ensuite bathroom. He had the shower running full and fast so the water sounded an angry note, reflecting his disposition. David tried the door, but it was locked.  Fetching the white wickerwork wastebasket from a corner of the bedroom he sat on the bed and cleaned his shaver. He'd been meaning to do it for days.

Lin emerged from the shower just as he was putting the cleaned and reassembled shaver back into its case. He set it aside and held out his hand.  “Give me the towel. I’ll dry you.”

“I can manage.” Lin wiped the towel between his legs, drying around his balls.

“Suit yourself. The need to shower must have been an urgent one. You apparently didn’t hear me calling you when you came in. Did you enjoy your run?”

“No.” Lin vigorously dried his hair, flinging the towel on the floor before going over to the chest of drawers to get out fresh underwear.

“What route did you take?”

“Over the top to Brunswick and back, and yes, before you ask, I kept well away from the cliff path. I took the ramblers path over the fields.”

“Any particular reason why you didn’t enjoy it?” David cocked his head on one side, examining Lin's rear as he rummaged in the drawer, admiring the tight buttocks and well-toned legs with their light covering of fair hair.

Lin pulled on a pair of briefs, dismissing the question with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Guilty conscience perhaps, at leaving so rudely and without breakfast?”


“Are you?” asked David dryly. “Or are you just paying lip service to apology as a means of avoiding grief?”

Lin shook his head. “I really am sorry. I disturbed your sleep and you got up to do something nice for me. I’m a despicable fucking shit bag. I don’t know how you stand me. I wouldn't blame you for finding someone else.”

“Stop it, Lin, now. I won't have you belittle yourself all the time. Have you done your stretches?”


“How few?”



“And nothing.” Lin pulled on a light green Diesel t-shirt.

“Why not?”

“What is this, the Yorkshire branch of the Spanish Inquisition?” Lin straightened his tee, pulling irritably at the hem. “I couldn’t be arsed, that’s why not.”

David’s eyes chilled down at the spitty tone. “You can do them now.”

“I’ve showered now so there’s no point.” Lin extracted his favourite jeans from a drawer. They were washed out, the material worn thin and soft and beginning to fray at the knees. He thrust his right leg into them, then his left, but before he could pull them up, an arm came around his waist, swinging him easily off his feet and pulling them back off.

“Now, Linval.” David put him down and flung the jeans on the bed, “You’ll end up with muscle cramps tonight if you don't. You know you will. You’ll be in agony all night and neither of us will get any rest.”

“Don’t let it worry you, pet,” said Lin sarcastically. “I’ll sleep in one of the guestrooms so there’ll be no danger of me spoiling your precious beauty sleep with my writhing.”

In one fleet movement David again put his arm around Lin’s waist, only hooked the opposite way, so that instead of lifting him up it bent him forwards. Inserting his fingers in the waistband of his briefs he drew them down and placed a hand on his bottom. “Do I need to progress any further than this?”

Lin’s response was immediate and sincere. “No.”

David pulled up his briefs and returned him to an upright posture, giving him a light swat. “Stretches.”

Lin performed a complete set of stretches, conscious and resentful of David’s audience. “There.” His voice hitched a little as he finished the last exercise. “Are we all fluffy happy now?”

David shook his head. “I can’t say I am, but I’m sure your muscles are overjoyed.” He leaned down to help Lin up from the bedroom floor, pulling him into a cross hug. “You look exhausted. You’re all of a tremble, you silly man. I could wring your bloody obstinate neck for going out like that just to spite me. Get into bed.” he dropped a kiss on his head.” I'm going to bring you some breakfast and then you're going to have a sleep. It might improve your temper.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my temper. I don’t want…” Lin broke off as David’s head tilted to one side and his eyebrows turned into stern question marks pushing up towards his hairline. He got into bed. There were times to push and cavil and times to do as you were told. 

Picking up the discarded towel David went downstairs.

Folding his arms Lin leaned against the headboard. There were days when he wished his yearning fantasies of being dominated by a strong man had remained fantasy and not morphed into reality in the shape of David Jordan.

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